About Us

Foster Engineered Products was founded and incorporated May, 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona with the purpose of representing material manufacturers in the architectural and construction industry. Our office has grown to represent leading manufacturers in Arizona, San Diego, and Las Vegas. We have pride in the fact that we serve our Customers by conveying expert knowledge of the manufacturers we represent and ensure the end user receives the highest quality product available.

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Foster Engineered Products’ goal is to become your local consultant; identifying the best products for your projects, keeping you within your budget, and ensuring your project is completed on time.

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Our Mission

Develop relationships with our customers and manufacturers based on Honesty, Integrity, and Ethical Business Practices. Provide long term profitable growth for the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve. We operate in an environment that fosters mutual respect, compassion and understanding, while never losing sight of our quest for excellence.

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